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Our missions

R&D contract - Contract Manufacturing

We accompany our customers with our expertise in NDT and microtechniques in all the steps of their project: from feasibility to serial production. Start-ups, SME’s or big groups benefit from our creativity and our long experience

You bring the concept of your product, we bring our know-how.

The long term relationship with our customers relies on the expertise, the rigor and the competitiveness of our R&D department. Our manufacturing department specializes in small and medium sized series.
STATICE is certified ISO9001.

We are a service provider in NDT and microtechniques developing specific Eddy Current probes and tooling which are adapted to your requirements.



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France relance

France relance


We are very proud to have been awarded the France Relance program set up by the Ministry o[...]


STATICE designs and manufactures made-to-measure ECT (Eddy Current Testing) systems adaptable for your inspection needs.

We offer the following services:

STATICE designs and manufactures made-to-measure ECT (Eddy Current Testing) systems adaptable for your inspection needs.
  • Design and development of innovative ECT (Eddy Current Testing) probes (classic and ECA (Eddy Current Array models)
  • Flexible film technologies: Control technology to adapt for more or less complex products with a large number of active elements for a lower cost than classical coiling
  • Electrical wiring harnesses for the sensor sheaths
  • Design and calibration of ultrasound and ECT (Eddy Current Testing) sensors.

STATICE was founded in 1978 by a group of engineers from the watch-making industry, and the company’s reputation was built on the in-depth knowledge of micro-technologies for innovative projects. One of the historical fields of expertise, coiling, generated the current CND activities through electro-magnetic sensors.

The ¹SRC certification (¹Société Privée de Recherche sous Contrat - ¹A Private Company for Research Projects under Contract) granted by the BPIFRANCE/OSEO organism, authorises STATICE to undertake research projects over a medium and long-term period. STATICE is a regular partner in French and European industrial research projects which enables them to always be at the forefront of the most up-to-date technologies and innovations in their field of expertise; STATICE is recognised in Europe for their innovation skills.